Toc19 Watches

Although its name does not sound great, the Toc Watch brand offers a really interesting model, the Toc19.

If you like watches with a clean design, this one will please you. I personally fell in love...

The Toc19 takes on a design that is already well known and reserved for the legendary Nomos Metro, or the simplest Rodina Seagull , or the Junkers Bauhaus.

There are numerical indexes with very narrow and elongated figures, a very clean dial, and a particular care applied to the details. The small second placed at 6 o'clock, for example, has a thin strapping, cut out to surround the 6 o'clock.

The bottom of the dial can be black, cream, green or red, the last two colors being "sun". I have a clear preference for the version "Carbon Black" which has a black background and a small bright red second.

Its case of 44mm makes it a little wider than its competitors, but with this huge opening of dial, the proportions are very correct.

This Toc is powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement, the Seagull ST3621. Seagull is the largest manufacturer of mechanical movements in the world, with an enormous and qualitative production line, which also offers components at very good prices.

The 1963 Seagull is fueled by one of these movements, and it works wonderfully.