Jiusko Mens, Dress, Quartz, Tungsten, 50M, 325LAU1WYW

Jiusko Mens, Dress, Quartz, Tungsten, 50M, 325LAU1WYW

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Don’t be fooled by the dainty looks of the Elegant Series Women’s Watch. It doesn’t succumb to corrosion easily as its case and bezel are crafted from stainless steel which is widely known for its high resistance to rust.

Discovering scratches on a beloved timepiece can be one of the most heart-breaking things. Rest assured that your Elegant Series Women’s Watch wouldn’t break your heart in this way. Its watch crystal is made of sapphire, which is second in hardness to your best friend, the diamond. This means that no material other than the diamond is able to leave its mark on this watch.

Watch movements are the brains of your watch and can make or break its ultimate functionality. You can count on your Elegant Series Womens’s Watch to keep time properly for a long time to come as its movement is manufactured by Ronda, a renowned Swiss watchmaker.

Moisture can invade a watch either through the gasket (protective ring of the crown) which has gone out of shape due to frequent winding of the crown, or if you forgot to push the crown all the way back into place. However, moisture doesn’t have a chance with the Elegant Series Women’s Watch as it sports a double water-resistant crown. That’s double protection for longer lasting wear.

Best of all, the watch’s 50 meter water resistance rating lets you go swimming in a shallow pool and then walk right into the shower with it.